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Lighting the Way for Mr. Clause


In a rural town not far away, SWRE is lighting the way. It’s 1937 and Christmas is near, but the magic didn’t all come from Santa this year.

The linemen and Santa have been working long nights, all pulling together to turn on the lights. A few poles here, a substation there, they illuminate Santa’s route with a great deal of care.

“Daddy, when Santa goes into gift-giving mode, how will he find our old county road?” To the delight of all parents the answer is finally achieved, so that all of the children could simply believe. The stockings are hung and the cookies are placed, you can see the excitement on every child’s face. They’re tucked into bed, not stirring – not speaking, but listening intently for the old roof creaking.

Santa flies through the night among the stars in the sky, following miles and miles of transmission line. In a dark field below, he sees a lone light burning bright, giving him directions for his next stop of the night. For the first time ever, Rudolph will surely know just where to park the sled tonight.

Santa tiptoes on the roof with his gift sack in hand. Before he shimmies down the chimney, he surveys the land. Looking out across the expanse, there’s not a neighbor in sight, and he whispers the words, “Thank you, SWRE, for this light.”


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