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An electric road-trip through America’s heartland


*originally published in 06.2019 "SWRE Power Source" Newsletter



In February we introduced to you Matt and Lauren Crandall, an Altus couple who recently bought an electric vehicle and is open to sharing their experiences with other SWRE members.


This month, we checked in on Matt and Lauren and discovered that they have now taken their EV on a cross-country road trip twice! Both trips were to their home state of Minnesota.  While this may seem like a risky route for EV users, Matt and Lauren assured us that it is actually a very pleasant trip and there is no shortage of EV chargers throughout America’s heartland.


2000 miles is a long way in any vehicle, especially when you have an eight-month old infant with you.  “I was scared about finding fuel.  We’re constantly taking road trips and I was afraid we wouldn’t have the resources to do that with the new car”, said Lauren.


Fortunately, she soon realized she had nothing to worry about.  Even in the most rural areas of the country, electric vehicle chargers are strategically placed to make road trips like this possible. 

“We didn’t realize how many chargers there already are out there.  There’s almost more than you need, to the point that you can actually skip some of them”, said Matt.


The couple agreed that the trip was actually more enjoyable because of the stops for fuel.  They used only superchargers the whole way, which made for quick 20 minute stops that happened to perfectly align with baby Davis’ feeding and changing schedule.


What’s even more impressive, is that the couple managed to spend a total of $70 in fuel for their entire trip.  Lauren and Matt both agreed that travel by electric vehicle is the only way for them moving forward.  The easy stops, relaxed pace and quiet ride are no match for the diesel truck they previously took on trips. Even between Altus and Minnesota, the most rural part of the country, you have everything you need.

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