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Tillman County Farmer’s Market Now Open


There’s something fresh growing in Frederick and it’s worth checking out.  If you enjoy supporting local entities, eating organic and shopping smart, you’ll want to frequent the Tillman County Farmer’s Market, soon to be held every Saturday in Frederick, Oklahoma.


After the last growing season, several community members got together and decided there was a need for a place where growers could make their extra produce available to the general public.  This need was bigger than just Frederick, it was county-wide. This is where the idea took seed.


Soon a board of advisors was formed by leaders in the community.  A non-profit was formed and on April 21st, 2018 the first ever Tillman County Farmer’s Market was held in Frederick, Oklahoma.  The first-time event boasted six vendors and over one hundred attendants. Organizers home this is a but taste of what’s to come. 


“We’re really wanting to promote people to grow their own, that’s one of our main goals. If you can’t grow your own, come get something that’s homegrown and fix it,” said board member, Nancy Heap.


The Tillman County Farmer’s Market is a membership-based non-profit that enhances the presence of three main elements: home-baked, hand-made and home-grown.  These three categories make up the foundation for what to expect at the market. Examples of these include fresh vegetables, local honey, handmade soap, goat’s milk and homemade jewelry. 


Producers, growers and makers may purchase a membership for $50/year.  This membership fee ensures the producer can sell their goods on site.  


Shoppers can stop by the market weekly on Saturdays in June from 9-11 a.m. or whenever the lot is active.  The market is located at the old Sonic in Frederick, next door to Box, Inc. 


The Tillman County Farmer’s Market is approved by the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) approved, meaning food stamps will be accepted by vendors.  Stamps may be used for fresh produce only.


“My hope is that it will excite someone to grow in their own space,” said board member, Roger Heap. 


To learn more about the Tillman County Farmer’s Market you can find them on Facebook or keep your eye on the sign in downtown Frederick.





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