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SWRE generates “green” member-owners


 While it is no secret that wind energy is one of today’s top renewable resources, you may be surprised to know that wind energy has been a regular part of SWRE’s distribution model since 2003. 

When it comes to wind energy, Texas leads the country by a landslide with 21,450 wind energy projects.  Iowa is second with 6,974 and Oklahoma follows closely as the 3rd largest state for wind production with 6,645 projects.

With Oklahoma and Texas in the top three for U.S. wind production, Southwest Rural Electric is perfectly positioned to utilize this source of renewable energy.


You may have noticed the wind turbines just west of Apache, Oklahoma.  These turbines make up the first wind farm in the state of Oklahoma.  They are part of Blue Canyon Wind Farm, which generates power for Western Farmer’s Electric Cooperative (WFEC).  


WFEC is a generation and transmission cooperative that feeds electricity to 17 distribution cooperatives, including your very own, Southwest Rural Electric Cooperative.  What that means is that you, personally get to enjoy the green benefits of sustainable energy, without ever lifting a finger.  SWRE prides itself on offering this type of green energy to our member-owners.


In fact, nearly 25% of the power generated by WFEC comes from wind energy.


As a receiver of SWRE electricity, you are not just a customer – you are a member-owner—which means you can take pride in the sustainable energy efforts of your cooperative!  That feels good, doesn’t it?

To find out more about wind energy you can visit the WFEC website which includes a virtual tour of the Blue Ridge  wind farm.

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