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Spreading Christmas Cheer




Long-time SWRE member, Kim Jones has been on the board for the Wilbarger County Salvation Army for over a decade.  Though she is a charity worker by profession, her time spent with the Salvation Army is all volunteer.


“I have to believe in something in order to be a part of it.  I believe in the Salvation Army because my grandfather and Dad were both veterans who spoke a lot about how much the organization helped them when they were in battle.”  Simple things such as free coffee and doughnuts were all it took to inspire generations of Jones’ family, right down to her own efforts.


Last year Jones was only one of many who donated a combined total of 833 hours towards the charity. Together, with the help of 26 organizations, the volunteers raised nearly $16,000 for Wilbarger County.  It may be no surprise that the majority of these funds were raised in a month’s worth of cold days spent ringing a bright red bell outside of the local United Supermarket.  Most of us know that the donations inside the red bucket go to a good cause, but what exactly do they go towards? 


According to the board reports, 100% of the funds go back into the community, helping over 600 families throughout the year.  These families are helped with emergency needs such as medical expenses and rent assistance.  The board has even been known to help people buy bus tickets when individuals were in dire need.


The Wilbarger County Salvation Army has done a tremendous amount of good for the city of Vernon and those around it.  The chapter has even been recognized in Texas for the largest per capita campaign.


This December when you are out and about and you see someone ringing a bright red bell, be sure and donate what you can.  “Even pennies make a difference,” says Jones.  Know that through your donation you are helping the folks in Wilbarger County who need it the most. 



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