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Round Up to partner with community organizations


May CEO Column


How many of you are involved in a community organization of some sort?  Rotary Club, Masonic Lodge, Chamber of Commerce, Food Pantries and Senior Citizen groups are all examples of these.  Others of you still may be volunteer firefighters or educational advocates for your community.


All of these programs are vital to the quality of life in our area.  You know as well as I, that these types of programs always need assistance in funding their meaningful projects.  Our businesses donate, our citizens donate and our patrons donate.  Still, there are so many projects and such a small pool of money within each organization that it can be difficult to thrive in the areas most needed to succeed.


SWRE wants to help be a solution to this problem, which is why will be giving our members the opportunity to support one another through Operation Round Up.  Operation Round Up is a donation of less than one dollar per month that will be totaled across our membership.  These dollars add up faster together than they do on their own.  Together, we will be able to distribute grants to the community organizations we know and love.


The best part is that one hundred percent of the donations will stay directly in SWRE territory.  That means members helping members achieve greater community goals! 


Recently, I have seen folks already begin to rally behind this amazing program.  Many can see the potential of helping one another locally. Perhaps something in your town will affect a neighboring town’s organization as well.  The more we work together, the greater effect we can have on our local and regional quality of life.


Operation Round Up will begin donations in June of 2018.  If you do not wish to be a part of this program, please call our offices to opt-out.  This is a voluntary operation for our community-minded members.


If you know of an organization that Operation Round Up can partner with for mutual benefits, please give us a call.  We are currently hosting Operation Round Up information booths at community events.  This is to demonstrate the heart of the operation, which is our members desire to help existing community organizations. Partnering together is what makes the program meaningful.  It’s going to take lots of small change to create large, lasting change, but together we can make it happen.



--Ken Simmons, SWRE Manager

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