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Positive Change Coming Soon with Operation Round Up


March 2018, Manager's Report


In previous columns, I have mentioned a new opportunity our coop is offering our members, by the name of Operation Round Up (ORU).  For those of you who don’t know about the program, this is a voluntary program in which members round-up their monthly bills to the nearest dollar and donate the change to our charitable foundation.  On average, participants donate $6 a year.  With 100% going back into the communities, this small change adds up to a very big difference.

The Operation Round Up program has been adopted by over 252 rural electric cooperatives nationwide.  Since its inception 29 years ago, the program has donated several hundred million dollars in assistance to charitable causes around the country.

In September, our employees formed a project team who would specifically work on establishing this foundation. Through many months the team interviewed many participating cooperatives in attempt to understand the best practices for beginning our own ORU program.


After gathering an abundance of ideas and recommendations, the team began the process of creating the by-laws that will govern our charitable foundation.  This was no small feat.


The Operation Round Up team has now submitted official documents in order to gain official status as a charitable foundation.  This foundation will operate independently from Southwest Rural Electric Association, Inc. and will be governed by an independent board of directors.


The employee team is currently designing promotional ideas and activities to help launch this program in the near future.  Part of our promotional process will include speaking to civic and other community groups around our area.  These types of groups will be able to apply for ORU grants when the program is up and running. 


Through ORU, your pennies, nickels and dimes can help raise thousands of dollars every year. And those dollars will be used to help your neighbors right here within own communities. Health and rescue organizations, food banks, educational projects, child welfare programs and individuals with special needs are just a few of the possibilities for your Operation Round-Up donations.


        -- Ken Simmons, CEO


You can expect more information on Operation Round Up in our April newsletter. 

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