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Operation Round Up – New opportunity for members begins this June!


Beginning June 2018, Members of SWRE will be enrolled in Operation Round Up.  By rounding up electric bills to the next highest dollar, our member’s accumulated small change adds up to create big change within our own communities.    

Those able to be helped by Operation Round Up funds include volunteer fire departments, senior citizens centers, educational programs and youth assistance.


What is Operation Round Up?

Operation Round Up is a charitable foundation of Southwest Rural Electric.  The program gives SWRE members an opportunity to help out their neighbors in crisis.  

Members participate by rounding up their electric bills to the nearest dollar amount (an average of 50 cents per month) and allowing the change to be donated to the separate charitable foundation.  This change is accumulated and then given back in the form of grants to charitable organizations who meet grant qualifications and guidelines.

The program is administered by the SWRE Charitable Foundation board, an independent board made up of community leaders who establish the policies for granting Operation Round Up funds.



How will the funds be used?

Operation Round Up funds stay right here in SWRE service area. Funds are never used for political or administrative purposes. Operation Round Up does NOT help individuals or families with electric bills.

The program serves the needs of five categories of assistance: communities, education and youth, senior citizens, emergency assistance and individuals effected by a catastrophic event.


Can I donate more than the change from my monthly bill?

Those who would like to donate more than the round-up cost of their monthly bill, can participate in Operation Round Up PLUS.  With Round Up PLUS, members can choose the amount they would like to donate in addition to that amount already being rounded up.  Non-members who wish to benefit their community can also donate to Operation Round Up PLUS.  More information on how to donate will be available soon. 


Do I have to participate in Operation Round Up?

No.  Members are not required to participate in Operation Round Up. Although the typical cost for members is less than $6.00 a year. Members may opt-out by contacting the Cooperative at 1-800-256-7973.


For more information on Operation Round Up, visit our Round Up webpage here.




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