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New newsletter series highlights experience with EV's




January 2019 Manager's Report

*Originally published in 01.2019 SWRE Newsletter



As we begin the New Year, I’m excited to introduce to you the new content that will be featured in this newsletter. Throughout previous columns and other communications regarding new and changing technologies, I’ve mentioned the fact that electric vehicles (EV’s) aren’t just on their way – they are here.  While many of you may find this hard to believe, it’s important to note that SWRE is aware of at least six “total electric vehicles” inside our territory, along with many more hybrid vehicles.


As you’ve experienced, it is always SWRE’s intention to meet our members where they are by supporting their ever-changing needs as a member-consumer.  Last fall we had the pleasure of installing an in-home EV charging kit for a member who recently bought a new EV. 


This member of ours was so gracious, he agreed to let us use his family’s experiences with the EV as a subject for multiple articles to come in 2019.  These articles will be placed in this newsletter to share their personal experiences as it relates to owning, operating, and adapting to a new and emerging technology. 


Additionally; SWRE is excited to announce that we will also be adding the first EV to our fleet in the coming weeks, so we can report first-hand on our own experiences with an EV.  Through this series of articles and blogs we will be able to better inform you, our members, on the advantages and challenges that come with owning an EV.


Our cover story, in fact, lays the ground work for this theme. Most of us don’t know how to decipher between the different levels of chargers that are on the market at this time. The article compares the three most-common types so you’ll be better informed on the topic in the future.


If you plan on purchasing a vehicle in the near future and you think an EV is an option for you to consider, please give us a call. We’d love to assist you any way that we can as you decide if an EV is the right choice for you.


Be on the look-out for our new series featuring one SWRE family’s experience as first-time EV owners.



--Ken Simmons

General Manager, SWRE

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