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Are you ready to Round Up?




What can you do with fifty cents each month?  

Perhaps you could buy a stick of gum or pay the tax for a small item but other than that there isn’t much value in holding on to fifty cents.

But what would happen if you took that fifty cents and combined it with 3,500 other people’s fifty cents?  Soon, that small change would add up.  The large sum of small change can then be donated back to community-minded projects that need monetary assistance.  The projects would have to apply for the money and a group of community representatives would determine where and when the money is allotted. This is the concept behind Operation Round Up. 


What Operation Round Up is NOT 

Operation Round Up is not an additional fee from Southwest Rural Electric. It is a voluntary donation system that gives our members the opportunity to help other members.

Operation Round Up does not pay for political or administrative purposes, nor does it help individuals or families with electric bills. 



What Operation IS

Operation Round Up is a Charitable Foundation organized by Southwest Rural Electric employees.  It is governed by a separate board and has separate financial documentation. 


Operation Round Up is meant to benefit organizations, programs and entities inside SWRE territory.  Categories of assistance include:


         -Education and Youth

         -Senior Citizens

         -Emergency Assistance


If you’d like to donate more than the change from your electric bill, please contact our office to sign up for Round Up PLUS.  For example, some members have already opted to donate $2-10 per month in addition to their small change.

If you’d like to opt-out of Operation Round Up please contact our offices during regular office hours at 1-800-256-7973.

For more frequently asked questions about Round Up click here.



Originally featured in 06.2018 SWRE Newsletter.


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