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Ag Appreciation Day




Each year in March, the Agriculture Council of America hosts National Ag Day.  This year the date falls on March 14th.  SWRE believes this is a great time to pause and reflect on the many contributions made by Texhoma farmers. 


With each U.S. farmer feeding an average of about 165 people in exchange for a modest financial reward and, frequently, a lack of recognition, let’s take a moment to honor the hard work they do for our country’s benefit and that of others around the world. Agriculture is America’s No. 1 export, a vitally important contributor to sustaining a healthy economy, and these stewards of our nation’s bounty deserve our gratitude and support.


To show our respects, we at SWRE went straight to the source for reasons why the ag industry should be appreciated. 


Harvey Schroeder of Frederick, says agriculture is of the most importance to Oklahoma because “it is the second highest income generation for the state, behind oil and gas.  Oklahoma is #3 in the nation for cotton production and cattle and wheat production is high also.  People don’t realize how few of farmers are producing the variety of crops in our state today – these farmers need to be appreciated.”  Schroeder is the Executive Director of the Oklahoma Cotton Council.


Wilbarger County farmer, Kenneth Lehman seems to have similar sentiments about Texas agriculture.  “People should support our farmers by buying American products.  Ag is probably the most important part of our state’s economy.” said Lehman.


National Ag Day coincides with the beginning of cotton, corn, sorghum and soybean planting season for many Texhoma farmers. Think of the wide variety of commodities and products those crops alone make possible—clothing and other textiles, animal feed, renewable fuels such as ethanol and many convenience food products.


This month as you are driving by fields of green wheat, pastures of fat cattle and miles of agricultural land, be sure and take a moment to appreciate the hard-working business behind the scenery.  Each field is carefully maintained by a hard-working farmer who most certainly could use two simple words: “thank-you.”



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